Christchurch, City of Trees

By Mark Belton

As climate change progresses and extreme weather events become more frequent, we are set to become mindful of the role of trees in our city and worldwide.

The ‘National Park City’, is a wonderful global initiative that challenges communities to make their cities ‘greener, healthier and wilder’, primarily through establishing more trees. It fits perfectly with Christchurch, our history of tree plantings, and the opportunities ahead for improving and greening our city with further plantings.

When it comes to urban trees, our city’s story is quite exceptional. The transformation of the treeless barren the first settlers encountered to today’s urban landscapes include areas where tall trees, many planted in the first decades following settlement, have a striking presence, providing beauty, shelter, shade, character, and places of interest.

A short history of trees across urban Christchurch goes like this…

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